Chocolate & Confectionary Industry

Confectionery industry:

The fabulous taste of chocolate and cakes has made them known as one of the loveliest snack in the world.

Daily increasing interest in these products has resulted competitive market; conclusively, quality is a key factor of being selected by such keen consumers.

For this purpose Dor­Shimi­ Marjan Co. has decided to import required raw materials of this industry from the most famous European sources to have a prominent role in improving quality and safety of these products and also customers' health.

Now, we're supplying:

  • Emulsifiers (Lasenor)

o   Lecithin (Powder, Liquid, Non-GMO, Hydrolyzed)

o   Different kind of Monoglycerid

o   PGPR

o   Different kind of PGE

o   Sorbitan tri stearate (STS)

  • IsolatedSoy Protein (Crown)


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