Some more considerable relevant supplying companies can be listed as below:

  • Lasenor (of the Spain): Emulsifiers
  • Breatec (of the Netherlands): Baking enzymes
  • BDF (of the Spain): TransGlutaminase and Functional Blends
  • Induxtra (of the Spain): Stabilisers
  • Metalquimia (of the Spain):Meat Industry Machinery
  • Nesse (of Germany): Flavors and Functional Blends of Meat Industry
  • B&G (as joint venture between the Chinese company BBCA Biochemical and the Belgian company GALACTIC): Lactic Acid & it's derivatives
  • Qingdao Crown (of China): Isolated Soybean Protein (ISP)
  • A.T.V. (of China): Sodium Three Poly Phosphate (STPP under the brand Phosmeat)
  • Northeast (of China): Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and other Vitamins
  • Silver Elephant (of China): Natamycin

In addition of the above we are able to supply our clients demand from other European and Asian companies' products observing our policy as the utmost quality besides the approprite price.


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